Steak and Banana Casserole


This is one fruity casserole!

Mum recoiled in disgust when I told her that I would be making this. She has childhood memories of Nana’s banana curry, which it’s safe to say was not her favourite meal.  When I served this up for the family at dinner no one was particularly excited. The first taste was, however, met with favourable “mmmm’s” and “oh, this is actually quite good!” After the last bite everyone was asking if there was any more. Give it a go people!


750g chuck or blade bone steak
Plain flour
2 onions
2 cooking apples
2 bananas
3 tablespoons of brown sugar (no I’m not joking)
470g tin tomato soup
Small tin pineapple pieces
Pepper and salt

(do these ingredients ring a bell?? )

Do this:

1. Cut steak into pieces. Roll in flour which has pepper and salt added.
Place into casserole dish.


2.Slice onions, apples and bananas. Add to steak and sprinkle with brown sugar, pepper and salt.
Add pineapple and half of the juice.


3. Pour tomato soup over.

Ah yes our old friend tomato soup makes a re-appearance.  When Mum was a child the cupboards were well stocked with Campbell’s.  Ready to add to any dish requiring a little ‘tomatoey’ tang.

4. Cover the dish and cook in a moderate oven until the meat is tender (this took about 2 hours).
Serve with rice.


Yes, it was on the sweet side, not as sweet as expected though. I’m sure you could leave the brown sugar out. The pineapple gave it a tang and the meat was beautiful and tender. And the bananas? You could hardly tell they were there! If we added some ‘Keen’s’ curry powder to this it would probably taste a lot like the ‘Sweet and Tangy Curry’.  Let me know if you give it a go!

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