Tip of the Week #1

Nana’s book are not only full of recipes.  It turns out that she was also a ‘handy hints’ collector.  These range from the genuinely helpful to the questionable (watch this space for the original health drink!)

There are too many of these snippets of wisdom not to share.

Tip of the Week #1

Helpful Hints for Perfect Cakes

  • If results are to be perfect, once the mixing has started, do not stop until the cake is in the oven.  This means you must have everything ready before you start to mix….(oops)
  • Prepare the tins first, as described in the recipes.  If you have to stop in the middle of mixing the cake to prepare the tins, the batter will lose its bulk and the cake will not be so light…(my failures are starting to make sense).

Nana and Mum were always telling me these things.  I never listened (hello Zucchini-Carrot Yoghurt cake).  Turns out there was something to it…

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