Tip of the Week #3

A nutritious way to thicken casseroles is to use packet potato mix….hhmmmmm


I tested this and managed to create a soup full of little gelatinous balls. Perhaps trying this one with a blender is best.

Have a bonus tip on me:

Brussel sprouts are ‘baby’ cabbages.  Don’t overcook them or an unpleasant sulphur smell will develop (not to mention they will taste horrible).

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2 Responses to Tip of the Week #3

  1. Susan Moore says:

    I’ve never enjoyed brussel sprouts. As a kid I would gag trying to swallow them. I mistakenly picked up a frozen packet, instead of broccoli, the other day. With your tip, perhaps I’ll try steaming a couple for a minimum time & try them again.
    By the way, the photo of you both is gorgeous & I think what you are doing with your Nana’s recipes is truly wonderful. Good luck & have fun. ❤️


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