But wait, there’s more…

. . .remember me? It’s been a while. But I’m back. Back with exciting news!

Over the weekend the whole family congregated together for a pretty special celebration.  While there (just when I thought I might be through Nana’s recipes by the time I’m ready for retirement) I discovered there are more of her books! My cousin Damian and his wife Jacki had also picked up some of Nana’s recipe books.  And boy are they gems. Real gems. Beautiful little notebooks full of recipes written in Nana’s famous script (she really did have the most wonderful handwriting).

We all gathered around the books to see if our favourites were in there.  Jacinda was desperate to find the Golden Syrup dumplings that Nana would make for Christmas.  I scrambled to find her famous Sponge Cake. Judy mentioned the Lemon Slice she used to make. Mum got excited for the Sausage Rolls. There is Chocolate Marshmallow Slice, Powder Puffs, Peanut Butter Caramel Slice, Pavlova, Nut Loaf, Bread Pudding. . . Are you salivating yet? There are even recipes from my Pop’s mum as well as a recipe from my Dad’s mum scrawled onto the letter head of my Granddad’s old dental surgery note paper.  So much history in one book.

Now, where to start….


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4 Responses to But wait, there’s more…

  1. ladyredspecs says:

    Lucky you, old handwritten cookbooks are a delicious snapshot of social and family history. Enjoy the trips down memory lane


  2. Sharon Prendergast says:

    Hi Kate , you may remember me, I meet you at your Nana,s funeral . I am one of the Hancock Twins , Sharon . Trudes sister. your beautiful Nana was like a second Mother to us girls. As you have found she was the most beautiful cook , we enjoyed many after school snacks , when we would visit straight after school , and that was after she would sit there and just let us twins , brush her hair until she nearly fell asleep ! This blog is such a beautifully written blog , and has bought back so many memories of what a wonderful person she was.Give your Mum a big hug and kiss from me xxxx


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