A Dessert Not To Be Trifled With

Don’t cry over failed sponge.  Make trifle.


The aftermath of the Great Sponge Saga was an extra sponge, sadly sitting on the bench looking very rejected. Anyone who knows me well knows that I cannot bear food to be wasted. I would rather stress myself out, pull a late night, and make something delicious. Or just eat it. This time I chose the former. That rejected sponge turned into my first scrumptious trifle. Nana had lots of trifle recipes. In traditional fashion, I decided that they should all be melded together. I’m getting further away from the brief. Must reign myself in. I will. I promise. Anyway, this is what I did:

You will need:
– 1 failed sponge (or a bought sponge roll, or a slightly stale sponge or some sponge fingers)
– 1 punnet strawberries
– 1 packet jelly crystals (I chose port wine)
– sherry (ok this was my addition – I like my trifles boozy)
– 1 tablespoon raspberry jam
– 1 carton thickened cream
– 1 carton custard (go on, tell me how easy it is. I couldn’t face it making it myself. I feel like Nana would not judge harshly for this, she was a busy woman)
– A little dark chocolate to decorate (I used dark chocolate Tim Tam shards)

Do this (if you want):
1) Cut the sponge into small slices (about 1cm, but don’t be too fussy)
2) Arrange them in a fancy bowl. Spread them with jam and a little (or a lot) of sherry
3) Make jelly according to the directions on the packet and let it cool (but not set completely)
4) Hull the strawberries and place most over the sponge cake
5) Pour jelly over the cake a refrigerate for 30 minutes
6) Carefully spoon over the custard and let it set in the fridge
7) Whip the cream and dollop on the trifle
8) Place a few hulled strawberries on the top along with grated dark chocolate or some crumbled dark Tim Tam
9) Cross your fingers that I remembered what I did correctly

Hopefully I did, because my first go and trifle was a success. The family loved it. It’s coming up to trifle season and I’ve eyed off a few Christmas trifles. So keep your eyes peeled. I might even make my own custard.


Kath and Kate xxx

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5 Responses to A Dessert Not To Be Trifled With

  1. Penny Newsome says:

    I cant wait for your blog, this looks simple that even I could do it. I have to say though Kate Elizabeth even I can make custard on the stove top. Ask Zared he is appalled if I try to do it in the microwave or buy a carton god forbid!!!!!


  2. Sophie says:

    Holy Trifle this looks way too amazing !!!!


  3. ladyredspecs says:

    There are so many delicious ways to use less than perfect cake, you nailed the perfect trifle so in the end the sponge was a winner


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